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2015 Reading Challenge
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Monthly Archives: November 2013

HFVBT: Review of A Divided Inheritance

A Divided Inheritance Tour Banner FINAL

A Divided Inheritance
Written by Deborah Swift
UK Publication Date: October 23, 2013
Pan MacMillan Paperback; 480p
ISBN-10: 033054344X

17901154A family divided by fortune. A country divided by faith.

London 1609…

Elspet Leviston’s greatest ambition is to continue the success of her father Nathaniel’s lace business. But her dreams are thrown into turmoil with the arrival of her mysterious cousin Zachary Deane – who has his own designs on Leviston’s Lace.

Zachary is a dedicated swordsman with a secret past that seems to invite trouble. So Nathaniel sends him on a Grand Tour, away from the distractions of Jacobean London. Elspet believes herself to be free of her hot-headed relative but when Nathaniel dies her fortunes change dramatically. She is forced to leave her beloved home and go in search of Zachary – determined to claim back from him the inheritance that is rightfully hers.

Under the searing Spanish sun, Elspet and Zachary become locked in a battle of wills. But these are dangerous times and they are soon embroiled in the roar and sweep of something far more threatening, sending them both on an unexpected journey of discovery which finally unlocks the true meaning of family . . .

A Divided Inheritance is a breathtaking adventure set in London just after the Gunpowder Plot and in the bustling courtyards of Golden Age Seville.

I love historical fiction and A Divided Inheritance is one of the reasons why. It is so rich in detail, drama and vivid imagery. I felt like I was traveling through Europe. Deborah Swift ably explores family, loyalty and duty in 17th century England; at a time, where Catholicism was forbidden in one country and violently enforced in another.

Elspet is our heroine in this novel. She is strong; but innocence. She has been given a difficult situation and very valiantly finds her path. She has to continually deal with a man’s shortcoming; whether it be her father, Hugh, or Zachary. However, she is strong and prevails.

Zachary is on a journey of self-discovery. His life prior to meeting Elspet and her father is very sad and full of abuse and violence. When he finds kindness but how does he deal with it? Poorly. Watching Elspet and Zachary trying to salvage their life is very interesting and compelling.

Religious intolerance is another aspect to this book. The fear and anxiety prevails throughout. The Inquisition is completely incomprehensible. I will never understand it. As well, as the intolerance in England. Elspet’s friar’s cellar instilled so much imagery in my mind. I couldn’t imagine having to practice my faith is secret. Same with the Moriscos in Spain. So much fear is just so sad.

A Divided Inheritance is a wonderful book full a rich historical detail. It is journey that definitely needs to be followed.

About the Author

Deborah Swift used to work in the theatre and at the BBC as a set and costume  designer, before studying for an MA in Creative Writing in 2007. She  lives in a beautiful area of Lancashire near the Lake District National  Park.  She is the author of The Lady’s Slipper and is a member of the  Historical Writers Association, the Historical Novel Society, and the  Romantic Novelists Association.

For more information, please visit Deborah’s website. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.
Deborah Swift

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Barefoot Saturday: Miss Clara

I have you experienced Miss Clara at Barefoot Books? Whether it be chapter books or the new hardcovers with CDs, your child will experience magic, beauty and wonder! Each book is a work of art. The chapter books are for your confident readers. If your school uses the AR system, these books are rated a 5.6. The new hardcovers are beauty unto themselves. I absolutely love them. I can get lost in every single illustration! Each hardcover is accompanied with a story CD. I love putting the CDs into my car and my girls can listen to the beautiful stories.



The Princess and the Pea


Twelve Dancing Princessess

Twelve Dancing Princessess


The Snow Queen


Book Blogger Hop & FF Friday

book blogger hop

The Book Blogger Hop was originally created by Jennifer from Crazy-For-Books in March 2010 and ended on December 31, 2012.

Luckily, Billy from The Coffee-Addicted Writer has relaunched the Book Blogger Hop. Each week the hop will start on Friday and end on Thursday. There will be a weekly prompt just like before. The hop’s purpose will remain the same as it will give bloggers a chance to follow other blogs, learn about new books, befriend other bloggers, and receive new followers to your own blog.

Q: You won a 5 minute shopping spree from your favorite book store! What will you grab?

A: First of all, I would head to Full Circle Bookstore in Oklahoma City, a wonderful independent bookstore. Then I would get the following: Cold Comfort Farm, Jane and the Canterbury Tale, Lionheart, The Summer Queen and The Passing Bells.



Review: Blood Rites

Blood Rites by Jim Butcher (Dresden Files #6)
Narrated by James Marsters
Released on April 6, 2010 by Penguin Audio
Urban Fantasy


For Harry Dresden, there have been worse assignments than going undercover on the set of an adult film. Still, there’s something more troubling than usual about his newest case. The film’s producer believes he’s the target of a sinister curse-but it’s the women around him who are dying.

Harry’s even more frustrated because he only got involved with this bizarre mystery as a favor to Thomas-his flirtatious, self-absorbed vampire acquaintance of dubious integrity. Thomas has a personal stake in the case Harry can’t quite figure out. But Harry is about to discover that Thomas’ family tree has been hiding a shocking revelation that will change his life forever…

Blood Rites is another great book by Jim Butcher. With every book, Harry grows into his hero status plus an even more powerful wizard.  His humanity shines through even stronger in this book. And of course, James Marsters’ narration is excellent!

The central them to Blood Rites is family. Harry has no family or so he thinks. I won’t give away any spoilers but his discovery throws him into complete disarray. He doesn’t know how to react; but in the end, he embraces his new relationships. It is really touching how Harry comes to terms with his new life.

Karin, also, has family issues. In her case, she has lots of family drama. Due to all their family drama, Karin and Harry become even closer friends. They, repeatedly, put their lives on the line for each other. I continue to wonder how their relationship with evolve. At certain points in the book, Harry does show some jealousy which was very amusing.

Thomas just broke my heart in Blood Rites. His relationship with Justine is just so bittersweet. At times, he seems so completely lost. I loved that, in the end, he is able to find someone he could trust and rely on.

I love Mouse. I’m a complete sucker for puppies. I think he is going to make one hellacious watchdog. I can’t wait until he grows up.

Blood Rites is a fun and action-packed book. I love the emotion and the humor that runs throughout it. I can’t wait to start Dead Beat; which I have already downloaded and I’m ready to press play.


It’s Monday! What are you reading?!


Welcome to It’s Monday! What Are You Reading! This is a great way to plan out your reading week and see what others are currently reading as well… you never know where that next “must read” book will come from! Hosted by Book Journey.

Last Week:

I read September Wind and my review will be published by Author Alliance this week. I’m also still listening to Blood Rites by Jim Butcher. Love it!!!

This Week:

A Divided Inheritance by Debra Swift

17901154A family divided by fortune. A country divided by faith.

London 1609…

Elspet Leviston’s greatest ambition is to continue the success of her father Nathaniel’s lace business. But her dreams are thrown into turmoil with the arrival of her mysterious cousin Zachary Deane – who has his own designs on Leviston’s Lace.

Zachary is a dedicated swordsman with a secret past that seems to invite trouble. So Nathaniel sends him on a Grand Tour, away from the distractions of Jacobean London. Elspet believes herself to be free of her hot-headed relative but when Nathaniel dies her fortunes change dramatically. She is forced to leave her beloved home and go in search of Zachary – determined to claim back from him the inheritance that is rightfully hers.

Under the searing Spanish sun, Elspet and Zachary become locked in a battle of wills. But these are dangerous times and they are soon embroiled in the roar and sweep of something far more threatening, sending them both on an unexpected journey of discovery which finally unlocks the true meaning of family . . .

A Divided Inheritance is a breathtaking adventure set in London just after the Gunpowder Plot and in the bustling courtyards of Golden Age Seville.

The Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

This Hugo Award-winning graphic novel chronicles the fall from grace of a group of super-heroes plagued by all-too-human failings. Along the 472331way, the concept of the super-hero is dissected as the heroes are stalked by an unknown assassin.

One of the most influential graphic novels of all time and a perennial best-seller, Watchmen has been studied on college campuses across the nation and is considered a gateway title, leading readers to other graphic novels such as V for Vendetta, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and The Sandman series.

Steampunk Darcy by Monica Fairview

18363817William Darcy is obsessed with his ancestors. So much so that he intends to rebuild Pemberley (destroyed during the Uprising) stone by stone, and he wants to employ reconstruction expert Seraphene Grant to help him.

Or does he? Seraphene wasn’t born yesterday. She can smell a rat, particularly when it stinks all the way up to her airship. She knows Darcy is hiding something. But with the Authorities after her and her other options dwindling by the moment, the temptation of genuine English tea and a gorgeous Steampunk gentleman are very difficult to resist.

But what if Darcy’s mystery job courts nothing but trouble? What if Darcy is harboring a secret to kill for? When kiss comes to shove, will Darcy’s secret destroy Seraphene, or will it be her salvation?

Join us on a romantic adventure like no other in this whimsical Pride and Prejudice-inspired tribute, featuring Wickham, Georgiana, dirigibles, funky fish, and swash-buckling pirates.


What are you reading this week?

Review: Gracianna

Written by Trini Amador
Published on July 23, 2013 by Greenleaf Book Group Press
296 pages
Historical Fiction
Received from HFVBT in exchange for an honest review


The gripping story of Gracianna–a French-Basque girl forced to make impossible decisions after being recruited into the French Resistance in Nazi-occupied Paris.

Gracianna is inspired by true events in the life of Trini Amador’s great-grandmother, Gracianna Lasaga. As an adult, Amador was haunted by the vivid memory of finding a loaded German Luger tucked away in a nightstand while wandering his great-grandmother’s home in Southern California. He was only four years old at the time, but the memory remained and he knew he had to explore the story behind the gun.

Decades later, Amador would delve into the remarkable odyssey of his Gracianna’s past, a road that led him to an incredible surprise. In Gracianna, Amador weaves fact and fiction to tell his great-grandmother’s story.

Gracianna bravely sets off to Paris in the early 1940s–on her way to America, she hopes–but is soon swept into the escalation of the war and the Nazi occupation of Paris. After chilling life-and-death struggles, she discovers that her missing sister has surfaced as a laborer in Auschwitz. When she finds an opportunity to fight back against the Nazis to try to free her sister, she takes it–even if it means using lethal force.

As Amador tells the imagined story of how his great-grandmother risked it all, he delivers richly drawn characters and a heart-wrenching page-turner that readers won’t soon forget.

Gracianna is a powerful story of a young woman trying to survive during the occupation of Paris. What makes it even more powerful is that is it the story about the author’s great grandmother. I loved his depiction of her. She is so strong; but at the same time, so vulnerable.

This book, also, introduced to the Basque culture. They are a very strong and resilient people. Their strength helped them survive the horrors of the war; especially for Constance. She survived where so many people would not.

Gracianna’s character brought my hear. She has so much determination to save her sister; however, it cost her a great deal. She is forever scarred by her own actions. She had to make so many horrific decisions. Those decisions proves how awful war is. It completely changes you and not for the better.

Juan’s love and loyalty to Gracianna is incredibly powerful. He is her rock that keeps her grounded and sane. It is truly amazing how they are able to survive the war; physically and mentally.

Gracianna is an incredible story and makes you appreciate all the people who fought and survived the war in Europe. I highly recommend reading it.




It’s Monday! What are you reading?!


Welcome to It’s Monday! What Are You Reading! This is a great way to plan out your reading week and see what others are currently reading as well… you never know where that next “must read” book will come from! Hosted by Book Journey.

Last Week:

Last week I read Boxers and Saints, Gracianna and listened to Death Masks. All were amazing books!

This Week:

September Wind by Kathleen Janz-Anderson

17447847SEPTEMBER WIND is a story about a young girl with a yearning so great that even the worst of obstacles do not dampen her spirit. Even through many of her losses, there is something magical as we follow her journey.

Wise beyond her years, Emily has a fight that would make a burley man run, or at least should have. Yet, she is a gentle spirit who’s first love, in its beautiful yet sometimes awkward moments, will make us cry and take us back to our own.

We travel with her as she escapes across country on a train in search of the one person she hopes will embrace her and help her out of a terrible mess that could ruin her life for good. Yet, nothing comes easy.

We become part of her world, and forget the troubles of our own. We watch her grow into a lovely young woman, and cringe when her backcountry lifestyle allows her into the Palace of lust, greed, deceit, and even murder, a place she hates, and yet is mesmerized by.

Precious moments throughout the book with those she barely knows, and those she comes to love will melt our hearts. There are times when we want to push her into another direction, and yet we want to stay with her to see where it all leads.

Audiobook of the Week:

Blood Rites by Jim Butcher99383

Harry Dresden, Chicago’s only professional wizard, takes on a case as a favor to his friend Thomas-a vampire of dubious integrity-only to become the prime suspect in a series of ghastly murders.

What are you reading this week?

Literary Blog Hop


Welcome to the Literary Giveaway Blog Hop!

The Literary Giveaway Blog Hop is hosted Leeswammes. Between now and Wednesday, November 13th, you can hop to almost 40 different book blogs, all offering one or more giveaways of books or bookish items. All books will be literary (non)fiction or something close to that. Follow the links at the bottom of this post to find the other participating blogs.

I’m going to be giving away The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier. It is a great book!

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HFVBT: Gracianna Excerpt & Giveaway

Gracianna_Tour _2 Banner_FINAL


By Trini Amador

Gracianna’s Shock

The Nazis arrived with efficiency at 8 p.m. sharp. Black ink had arrived in the dining room; their dark boots wrote evil words on the tiled floor as they cracked. Gracianna wondered how  she would scrub the evil imprints of their footsteps off the floor.

Eyes flitted from host to host—Dom’ to the bartenders, to the cooks peeking  from behind a grate in the wall, and to Gracianna, who was looking at  the floor. Everyone was nervous.

Through the night, the “guests” were mockingly unaware of any discomfort. To the contrary, they overextended their stay, drank nearly all the beer in the house, and then moved to wine. Finally, to the aperitifs.

On cue, they all stood up and exited as one man motioned to pay the bill.

As Gracianna took his money, they both knew he was the same man who had given her the once-over only the day before.

His eyes lingered on her face again.

She did not like the superior sentiment that exuded from him, and she looked away quickly.

Standing up, he slid a crooked smile across his face and then walked out, bumping into the doorframe on the way.

The staff smirked at that and did not dare to look at one another as he  walked in front of the window, peering in to ensure no one had laughed  at him behind his back. He stopped at the last windowpane, backed up,  and cupped his hands on the glass and looked in, lingering on Gracianna  for a long moment before disappearing into the night.

Gracianna gave Dom’ the money. It was twice as much as anyone had hoped for.

“We are all getting a bonus!” Dom’ whispered.

The work of war for the evening had been done as the soldiers’ drink dried  up. Not for lack of it—they just stopped ordering at some point and  continued to speak in a haze. As orderly as possible, considering their  condition, the soldiers filed out from lowest rank to highest.

Not long after, Gracianna shooed the rest of the restaurant staff out. It  had been a long day and now everyone could let down from relief. She  closed the door, to the last “bonsoir” from Marceau, the  bartender, and she turned volume of the Billie Holiday music higher.  They had tried to keep the volume dinnerly during the meal but as it got later, the music was turned quieter to encourage a winding down. After  she was alone, she raised the volume probably louder than she should  have. Then, she went to fetch some cleaning supplies from the office,  bringing up a tray of clean glasses on the way. She thought it best to  save a trip this way, looking for every opportunity to be efficient.

At the top of the stairs balancing her tray with some sense of pride, she  placed a step stool, found the right shelf, and started to put the  glasses away.

As Gracianna reached up, a striking match startled her and she jumped  visibly, knocking the tray against the wall—the glasses crashed to the  floor as she caught her fall from the step stool.

It was the cold-eyed officer. Somehow, he’d slipped up the stairs after  everyone was marching out. Standing against the office doorway,  Gracianna noted that he had appeared in her hallway as coolly as he had  disappeared.

He leaned because he had to.

Shards and chunks of heavy glass had flown everywhere. His eyes were glazed.  His crooked grin was ghastly. His uniform uncharacteristically askew.  His jacket buttons were down with the long lapel hanging like a rag.

In that moment, Gracianna came to understand the significance of a man’s weakness for a woman.


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The Red Chrysanthemum Blog Tour: Guest Post & Giveaway

TRC Blog Tour Banner

Becoming Georgiana Darcy

By Linda Beulter

Because I hail from a small family, with only one elder sister, stories like Pride & Prejudice and Little Women have always fascinated me. Perhaps Georgian Darcy, with only an elder brother who is more a father than a brother might feel the same. It was my good fortune to marry into a large family. We can easily imagine Georgiana hoping her brother would marry in such a way as to provide her with sisters-in-law and a larger extended family.

As I approached the character of Georgiana Darcy, I tried to look at the type of sister she might have been to Fitzwilliam Darcy prior to her heartbreak at the hands of George Wickham. Georgiana and Darcy’s cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam says to Elizabeth Bennet “….Darcy is lively enough in other places.” when Elizabeth meets him in Kent (this is a quote from the 1995 BBC screenplay). What would a lively Darcy have been like, pre-Wickham, and what sort of sister would Georgiana have been to him? I felt that knowing her better would help us know Darcy better, too.

I like to think Georgiana shared her brother’s assurance and wit. Although a Regency teenager, she might have been in the habit of teasing Darcy, perhaps challenging his authority a bit, and bristling at having to always be the demure Miss Darcy. My Darcy is in the habit of calling her a gosling. She is still awkward at times, with the odd bit of downy feathers at the wrong place, as a gawky teenager might look in any era.

Darcy has been sometimes in need of attempting to control his sister with what is called in the book “his grumpy-brother look”. Imagine the look of a knowing but exasperated father, one misstep from delivering a serious scolding, and you will have some idea of the expression I suggest.

But post-Wickham, Darcy’s fears for his sister are foremost. Combine his protective feelings with Georgiana’s assumption she has disappointed him, and we see their relationship suffering a setback. We know Darcy hopes the lively friendship of Elizabeth might restore Georgiana’s confidence. Darcy has already written Georgiana about Elizabeth, making her an object of interest in Georgiana’s mind. He has been her only family, so the observant Georgiana has a keen insight to her brother’s mind. She is one of the first to understand his feelings for Elizabeth.

After the near disaster with Wickham, any youthful invincibility has fled Georgiana. With only her music for solace, Georgiana has become timid. Although still an innocent, Georgiana’s trust has been breeched. She has attracted the attention of a grown man and it ended in betrayal. We can imagine her withdrawal into modest, girlish fashions. She does not put herself forward in company, and is embarrassed to be the object of attention by the likes of Caroline Bingley. In The Red Chrysanthemum Georgiana complains to her brother, “…it is so difficult with Bingley’s sisters jumping on my every syllable as if I were as wise as Aristotle.”

Because in my story we begin after Georgiana has met Elizabeth, and Elizabeth does not leave Lambton as early as in Pride and Prejudice, there is time for Georgiana to watch Elizabeth with Darcy. Georgiana begins to build her longed-for relationship with Elizabeth, and in fact leads her on a tour of Pemberley more thorough than that provided by Mrs. Reynolds to tourists.

As Georgiana becomes witness to the unfolding but wary affection between her brother and Elizabeth, she regains emotional strength. After her brother does her the honor of confiding in her, she becomes a source of support to him, instead of it always being vice-versa. We see, in just the time Elizabeth stays in Lambton, a renewal of Georgiana and Darcy’s sibling bonds. When the story reverts back to the P & P plot, rather than having any detail kept from her, it is Georgiana who remembers particulars of Wickham’s acquaintance, helping Darcy track him. Georgiana requests permission to correspond with Elizabeth, deepening a sisterly connection Georgiana is loathe to lose.

But most importantly for a novel involving the language of flowers, Georgiana is the catalyst who assists Darcy in composing a nosegay, and it is her herbal they use in developing his message. Not knowing if Elizabeth would travel with a book of flower meanings with which to translate, it is Georgiana’s copy that is left with the flowers for the fair recipient to find and decipher. As Georgiana’s Darcy-DNA driven self-confidence reasserts itself, so does her teen-aged curiosity and outright sneakiness.

By the end of The Red Chrysanthemum, Georgiana is able to tease her brother again, and laugh aloud in public. The grumpy-brother look has lost whatever power it ever had.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy Georgiana’s journey from gosling to full grown silly goose.


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About the author


Linda Beutler is an Oregon native who began writing professionally in 1996 (meaning that is when they started paying her…), in the field of garden writing. First published in magazines, Linda graduated to book authorship in 2004 with the publication of Gardening With Clematis (2004, Timber Press). In 2007 Timber Press presented her second title, Garden to Vase, a partnership with garden photographer Allan Mandell. Now in 2013 Linda is working with Meryton Press.

Linda lives the gardening life: she is a part-time instructor in the horticulture department at Clackamas Community College; writes and lectures about gardening topics throughout the USA; and is traveling the world through her active participation in the International Clematis Society, of which she is the current president. Then there’s that dream job–which she is sure everyone else must covet but which she alone has– curator of the Rogerson Clematis Collection, which is located at Luscher Farm, a farm/park maintained by the city of Lake Oswego. They say to keep resumes brief, but Linda considers Garden With Clematis her 72,000 word resume. She signed on as curator to North America’s most comprehensive and publicly accessible collection of the genus clematis in July 2007, and they will no doubt not get shut of her until she can be carried out in a pine box.

And now for something completely different: in September 2011, Linda checked out a book of Jane Austen fan fiction from her local library, and was, to put it in the modern British vernacular, gob smacked. After devouring every title she could get her hands on, she quite arrogantly decided that, in some cases, she could do better, and began writing her own expansions and variations of Pride and Prejudice. The will to publish became too tempting, and after viewing the welcoming Meryton Press website, she sent her child before the firing squad. Luckily, the discerning editors at Meryton Press saved the child from slaughter, and Linda’s first work of Jane Austen-esque fiction, The Red Chrysanthemum, is ready for publication.

Linda shares a small garden in Southeast Portland with her husband, and pets that function as surrogate children. Her personal collection of clematis numbers something around 230 taxa. These are also surrogate children, and just as badly behaved.

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